a system so powerful that it contacts the correct On Call physician with critical information within seconds.

        dramatically reducing "door-to-balloon" times by simultaneously contacting all members of your Cardiac Cath Team.

       alerting your Stroke Team so efficiently that TPA administration times are reduced and outcomes improve.

        time-stamped messages and replies – fully secure and easy to use.



MatchMD provides rapid, efficient and documented text communication between hospital staff or physician office staff and their physicians.

Key features of MatchMD include:

  • Internet-hosted technology: No need to purchase and maintain new hardware and software.
  • Multiple receiving device options: Efficient communication with two-way pagers, smart phones, tablets.
  • On-line call schedules: User-friendly, on-call schedule templates with immediate, system-wide distribution of any and all schedule changes.
  • Rapid and reliable text messaging: Messages can be sent, received and replied to in a matter of minutes. Real time monitoring of message progress allows sender to know if and when delivery has failed.
  • Documentation: Every MatchMD message is time stamped. Past messages are archived and easily retrieved should later review be necessary.
  • Response authentication: Physician replies can include electronic authentication allowing the response to be treated as a signed verbal order ready for the medical record meeting HIPAA compliance by combining industry-standard encryption and appropriate institutional policies.


Whether hospital, clinic or physician group practice, dependable and efficient communication is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. Traditional paging practices are inefficient and labor-intensive. Valuable time is wasted deciding who is on call, determining the best method of contact, and then wondering if the page actually reached the intended clinician. In the past, this was a tolerable annoyance; today it is unacceptable.


        Fast and Efficient
  • The correct on-call clinician can be determined with a few mouse clicks.
  • Text messages are delivered and replies returned in a matter of minutes.
  • On-call schedules can be created or revised from any computer with internet access. Schedule changes appear immediately, eliminating the need to mass distribute hard copies of updated call schedules.
  • When paging a critical-care rapid response team, MatchMD contacts all team members simultaneously, leading to dramatically reduced response times.
  • All MatchMD messages are permanently time-stamped. Past messages are archived and easily retrieved should later review be necessary.
  • Electronic signature authentication verifies that a physician's response is authentic and originated from his/her device.
  • HIPAA compliance is assured by combining industry-standard encryption with appropriate institutional policies.
  • MatchMD has undergone extensive field testing by physicians, nurses and support personnel.
  • Though committed to constant improvement, we remain focused on the concept of "elegant simplicity." Whether physician, nurse, administrator or clerical professional, we listen closely to our customers.
          Smartphone and Tablet Apps
  • Receive MatchMD messages by cell phone signal and WiFi.
  • WiFi connectivity addresses the problem of hospital-associated "cellular dead zones."
  • Apps for Apple®, AndroidTM, BlackBerry® and Microsoft® operating systems.
  • MatchMD messages are stored in a separate log and segregated from standard text messages.

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