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Fast and Accurate Responses Save Lives

Hospitals are hives of medical activity, so it is critical that communication is efficient and precise. The MatchMD™ system efficiently contacts the correct team needed with crucial information within seconds. “Door-to-balloon” times are dramatically reduced by simultaneously contacting all members of your Cardiac Cath Team, Stroke Team, or any other clinicians required for a crisis.

The “Perfect Match” for Your Healthcare Organization

There are many advantages to the MatchMD™ system, from our live after-hours answering service to the efficient storage of critical data with HIPAA compliant security. Let us demonstrate how MatchMD™ will better meet your organization’s needs with a FREE no-obligation demo at your convenience.

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More Features, Fewer Concerns

Easy communication makes for better care. At the heart of this system is an understanding of what medical professionals need to improve patient care. MatchMD™ offers the ability to send and receive videos, calls, and messages securely, as well as send in prescriptions and connect with people outside the app.

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Live Operator

Operators available after hours and any time with our 24/7 call center

Secure Communications

All communications are HIPAA compliant

Continuous Evolution

Customer input drives continued improvement of the MatchMD™ app

Fast and Efficient

In healthcare, especially, time is critical, and the MatchMD™ Pro app ensures that all team members will be reachable in a matter of seconds, no matter where they are. The latest technology will significantly improve your ability to deliver messages across a broad spectrum by including WiFi as a data transfer option. An accurate communications network that works fast will improve patient routing and the continuum of care. You will enjoy always knowing who is available at the click of a button, avoiding delayed responses, increasing turn rates, decreasing the patient length of stay, and improving your hospital’s bottom line.


Being 100% HIPAA-compliant means treating data very carefully. At MatchMD™, we employ the latest technology and the most stringent security measures in the industry. We guarantee that your information is accurate and secure, no matter where the data originates. All messages are time-stamped and stored on a secure multi-level server, allowing access in a searchable database. Plus, your hospital group may set custom protocols to ensure that all messages are HIPAA compliant and encrypted with the latest technology.

Incredible Features at Affordable Prices

Through an evaluation of organizational needs and understanding your budget, our team helps find the right set up of features for a variety of healthcare delivery organizations. MatchMD™’s platform delivers value far beyond its cost.

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MatchMD™ really makes things go so much smoother. Our medical teams can stay in constant contact with each other so everything works smoother. My patients trust me to do my best and therefore I trust MatchMD.

Teri Darnell

BSN, RN, CHPN Kettering Health Network

I LOVE their online scheduling template that is so EASY to adjust on the fly through the website or via the mobile app! The operators have all been pleasant and immediately responsive to our physicians, patients, and patient families. We have had no complaints, which is certainly a breath of fresh air compared to our former answering service group.

Elizabeth F. Yankello

RN, CPN, CMPE Chief Operating Officer / Certified Medical Practice Executive Sewickley Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Our business model depends on several crucial MatchMD™ features to operate smoothly and cost-effectively. We consider this technology a transformational tool for communicating both among our group and with the facilities we serve compared to using just a conventional answering service

Lee Jenkins

Director of Operations, Geriatric Post-Acute Specialists

Developed By Practicing Clinicians

Input from our client-partners provides the stimulus for constant improvement to the MatchMD™ app’s functionality while allowing us to maintain the elegant simplicity of our software.

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Smartphone and Tablet Apps

With MatchMD™, information can be accessed or delivered, safely and securely from any mobile device and in any location, using WiFi when mobile data is not available.

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About Us

MatchMD™ is a messaging service designed with the healthcare delivery organization in mind. A pioneer in the field of medical communications, this platform is managed by health IT professionals with decades of experience. Our team responds to evolving industry needs, ensuring timely and secure delivery of your messages from any device.



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Save Time and Reduce Frustration Across Your Entire Organization

The number of features that MatchMD™ offers to hospitals, medical facilities, and healthcare teams is always evolving. See how our advanced platform will deliver a reliable, secure messaging solution, regardless of the size of your organization.

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